Get Road Trip Ready with Eureka Brake & Automotive

Summer is coming up, and in the grand tradition of gathering the family together for some R&R, the roads are open for business. Nothing is better for bonding and saving money than a good old-fashioned road trip, but nothing can make that time end faster than not being prepared for the trip.

In addition to a general tune-up, making sure that your tires are ready for some additional miles and making certain that all your fluids are clean and running smooth, there are often overlooked tips that can really make, or break, a road trip.

Here are some checklist items to make sure get tended to before you head out on the open road:

Clean Your Car

Both inside and out should be spotless before you leave the driveway. This serves two purposes. First you will find out what you have and what you need, and secondly it will give you the chance to organize the car how you need it and know exactly where every thing is.

Change Spark Plugs and Batteries

This is often overlooked or underestimated, but nothing can tack wasted time onto your trip more than a car that won't start. Never mind the situations that can occur when it won't start in the wrong places or the wrong times.

Embrace your Spare

Check to make sure that the spare tire, tire iron and jack is in the car and then check the quality of each piece. Make sure that all items are ready to use if needed. Also review the procedures on how to use all these items properly before heading out.

Get a Spare Key

Keep it in your wallet or elsewhere on your person in case you lock your keys in the car. Another great trick is to get an industrial magnetic key holder and put attach it under your car. If your car is equipped with OnStar then check the status of your subscription and update if necessary.

Do You Have the Manual?

If you do not have one in your possession any longer, most can be found online and printed (sometimes for free) or use to purchase your manual.

Make an Emergency Kit

Put these items into a separate box in case you should need them:

Have Your Paper Work

Keep a copy of your car's warranty, insurance, registration and emergency roadside contact information for your emergency car care service in the glove box. Keep these documents in a protective vinyl pouch that won't get ruined by a spill or drop in a puddle.

If you follow these simple steps, you dramatically decrease your chances of being caught in a roadside nightmare and increase your chances of experiencing all the awesomeness that the open road has to offer.