The Forgotten Filter (Cabin Air Filter)

A driver was surprised the other day when he took his vehicle to a service facility for an oil change. He knew his owner’s manual schedules an oil and oil filter change every 5,000 miles, but when the Service Advisor suggested his cabin air filter should be replaced, he thought they were just trying to sell him something he didn't really need. After all, how bad can a cabin air filter be?

The Service Advisor offered to show him the old one before he made his decision, and what the driver saw shocked him. Instead of a nice, intact filter, the old one was full of dirt, leaves, and other unidentifiable ick!

You'll find cabin air filters in most new vehicles, but many drivers don't even know they have one. They filter out things like dust and other particulates like pollen, debris and allergens before the air goes into the passenger compartment. This can be very helpful to those with allergies and sensitivities to airborne pollutants.

Your vehicle manufacturer will recommend how often a cabin air filter should be changed. Of course, if you drive in areas that are dusty or polluted, you may want to change it more frequently. 

A couple of signs your cabin air filter is dirty? 

  • Poor airflow from vents
  • Unusual odor from vehicle’s vents
  • Increased fan noise
  • Foggy or iced windows
  • Problems in heating and cooling system

We can help keep your cabin air in good shape and be sure you’ll breathe easier.

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant