Our Team is Dedicated to Keeping You Safe

Eureka Brake & Automotive cares about you and your family's safety! We build a trusting relationship with our customers that have become the foundation for a mutually beneficial experience. Building on that foundation, there are a few things that may help you understand the repair business a little better.

The majorities of automotive systems are computerized and take a lot of training to diagnose and repair safely and efficiently. Diagnostics requires significantly more training as well as tools. Labor requires a significant amount of training and experience. Our technicians at Eureka Brake & Automotive have extensive computer training and experience, not only how to run the diagnostic systems, but also how to search for the right parts, network with other technicians, and create a job order that ensures each step of the process is addressed.

The threshold for getting started as a technician grows higher and higher. There is a huge commitment to on-going training every year. Here at Eureka Brake & Automotive, we invest in our team and provide them with on-going training to stay on top of the ever changing automotive world.

Our team is dedicated to keeping our customers happy and safe. We love to see our customers whenever they come in, but would much rather see them for routine maintenance than on a tow truck. We want to work together to avoid breakdowns.

Give us a call to schedule maintenance service. We would love to hear from you!

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant