Your Nose Knows Gasoline

Do you get a little whiff of gasoline each time you fuel up our vehicle? There should not be any gasoline smell in or around the vehicle when away from the gas station and if there is, the cause can range from something simple to something that can be very dangerous.

5 Potential Reasons You Smell Gasoline in Your Vehicle:

  1. Missing, loose or damaged gas cap. The gas cap helps prevent the contents of your fuel from escaping in the form of vapor. Check your cap to make sure it is properly replaced and tightened.
  2. A leak in your fuel tank. Typically you will see a puddle of gas under your vehicle and your fuel gauge is dipping quickly.
  3. Loose Spark Plugs. The spark plugs play an essential role in delivering the spark igniting the fuel-air mixture to start your vehicle. If spark plugs are loose, the O-ring seal can leak fumes from the fuel combustion chamber next to the ventilation system allowing the smell to reach your cabin.
  4. Failed Pressure Regulator. A failed pressure regulator interferes with the fuel mixture and can cause it to be too thick or too thin. When the fuel mixture is off, the engine burns excess fuel causing fumes to sit inside the exhaust.
  5. Faulty Gasket or O-Ring around the oil cap. The oil cap closes the oil reservoir. If it is loose or is not seated correctly, it will allow oil fumes to make their way into the cabin through the HVAC system.

Gasoline fumes and leaks can be dangerous. It could be a fire hazard and simply breathing in gas fumes can make you sick. It's always wise to get fuel leaks checked out as soon as possible. Stop by Eureka Brake & Automotive or give us a call!

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant