Are Your Headlights Cloudy?

Yellowed headlights are not only unattractive, but can be a hazard as well. Cloudy lenses do not provide an adequate amount of light to illuminate a dark road or in inclement weather. Headlights need to be in good working order to keep you and others safe on the road.

In the past, headlights were glass. These were heavy, could crack, and had practical limits as to their shape. Most headlights today are made of plastic with a protective coating. When exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight, salt, road grime and air pollution, this protective coating begins to break down and take a toll on the plastic surface. Over time the lenses get cloudy and discolored.

Replacing headlights can be expensive. Fortunately, Eureka Brake & Automotive offers professional headlight restoration services. First, using professional-grade materials, our expert will carefully remove the outer layer of oxidation and grime present on your lenses. This will eliminate the damaged components of your headlights while preserving the rest. Then, the headlights are extensively cleaned and polished, restoring them to their former brightness. Finally, a heat seal is applied that will keep your headlights clearer for longer by preventing oxidation and material buildup.

If your headlights are looking cloudy, yellow or scratched, give us a call! We will bring back the shine so you can see clearly and drive safely-no matter the weather or time of day.

Eureka Brake & Automotive


Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant