Secret to A Long Lasting Vehicle

Holding on to and taking care of a reliable vehicle for as long as possible is almost always a smart financial move. With the quality and engineering of modern vehicles, many vehicles can run for 200,000 miles.

What is the secret? Routine oil and filter changes! Nothing can replace good old routine maintenance when it comes to making your vehicle last longer. Following your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule will increase the overall lifespan of your engine. Older engines lose some efficiency, are dirtier inside and are more stressed, so it's very important to not miss any scheduled services. Skipping just one oil change, for example, leaves an opportunity for harmful sludge to build up. A full-service oil change at Eureka Brake & Automotive tops off all fluids so they don't get low enough to cause damage. Our team strongly encourages you to consider using high mileage formulation fluids. These are fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant that are formulated for older engines. They have special additives to clean deposits and to condition and restore seals and gaskets that dry out with age. As a preventive measure, some drivers start using higher mileage formulations at around 50,000 miles.

Drivers with an older vehicle may want to follow the severe service maintenance schedule. Check your owner's manual or call your friendly and knowledgeable service advisor. Eureka Brake & Automotive is here to keep your vehicle on the road longer!

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant