Diesel Vehicles, Truths and Myths

Let’s debunk some myths about diesel vehicles.

Diesels Run Dirty

Years ago, this was true, however starting in 2006 U.S. vehicles have been required by law to use ultra-low sulfur diesel or USLD. Modern diesels are soot-free and have a smaller carbon footprint.

Diesels Are Sluggish

Not anymore. They are as fast off the line as similar gasoline powered cars. If your idea of fun is to spend an afternoon test-driving new cars, go take a spin in a diesel BMW or Porsche.

Diesels Are Loud

Back in the day, you could hear a diesel motor from a mile away. Today’s diesels run quitter.

Diesels Have a Bad Resale Value

Actually, diesels have a lower depreciation rate.

Another often overlooked benefit is lower risk of fire. Diesel fuel is less flammable and won’t explode like gasoline.

Diesel engines require parts that are heavier and stronger. We have serviced and seen diesel cars and trucks with over 300,000miles. The heavy-duty parts make diesel vehicles a little more expensive new, but due to the extra sturdiness, diesel engines last a lot longer. This is one of the reasons Cummins diesels inspire such a cult following.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle that’s easy on fuel, you might want to explore your diesel options. You’ll save money and may qualify for a tax credit if you buy a clean diesel vehicle. Of course diesels require regular maintenance like any other vehicle and the services are usually a little more costly due to the nature of the engines. But the extra cost is offset by the better gas mileage and longer engine life.

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Revised from Content Contributed by NAPA Service Assistant