Winter Checklist

No doubt about it, winter driving in cold climates presents challenges that warmer weather doesn't. Here are a few things to pay attention to when it comes to your vehicle this winter.

  • Change your oil. Changing our oil may not come to mind when it comes to winter maintenance, but it is a great time to consider switching from conventional to synthetic. Starting your vehicle in cold weather can be easier on your engine with full-synthetic because it flows freer at low temperatures and does not require time to warm up. The manufacturer has specified oil characteristics for your vehicle. The correct oil will protect your engine in cold conditions.
  • Tire pressure and tread. When the temperatures plummet, so does the air pressure in your tires. Make sure they are inflated properly to the manufacturer's recommended pressure. You also need enough tread! Take a look at your tires or have the depth checked to make sure it meets the manufacturer's specifications as well as any local regulations. You will need the best traction possible for dealing with winter roads.
  • Battery. Batteries tend to fail in the winter due to the toll the summer’s heat takes on them. In cold temperatures, your vehicle requires more current from the battery to start the engine. To avoid a dead battery on a cold morning, it is a good idea to run a load test to confirm your battery is healthy.
  • Windshield wipers and washer fluid. Seeing where you are going is top priority! In the winter it becomes especially important so you can see things in the inclement weather. We recommend that windshield wipers are replaced every 6 months. If you live in a climate where it snows, you can replace wipers with winder blades. Make sure your windshield washer reservoir is filled with fluid that is designed to stay liquid in frigid weather and won't freeze on contact with the glass.

The Service Advisor at Eureka Brake & Automotive will be able to help suggest options for each of these four winter driving checklist items. The better prepared your vehicle is to deal with the snow and cold, the better your vehicle will run and the safer you and your family will be.

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant