Nailed It! 4 Things You Need to Know About Tire Repairs

OMG! The other day I came out of the house ready to hop in my car and race off to work. (For those of you who truly know me, you know I was truly racing as I am almost always late.) But, enough on that. So…..I was literally racing off to work and discovered my tire was flat! UGH! 

The thoughts in my head quickly went from “Oh no, now what am I going to do?” to “Well now I have a great excuse for being late!” ~ Que the sinister laugh. 

Most of us have been there. Right!? You park somewhere only to return to your vehicle and find you have a flat tire. You’ve probably picked up a nail in the road somewhere and now you are wondering whether or not it can be fixed, which will be more economical, or will you have to spend more of your hard earned dollars to buy a new tire?

The simple answer is it depends on a couple of factors: 

1. Where is the hole located? If the hole is in the tread of the tire, there is a good chance the nail or object can be removed and patched with a rubber plug. If the hole is in the side wall of the tire it cannot be repaired. Any puncture in the side wall of the tire damages the integrity and likely will result in a blowout that could be unsafe. If the hole is on the tire shoulder, that curved part of the tire between the tread and the sidewall, it is also unable to be repaired. The shoulder is a tough place to get a patch to hold. Like the sidewall, it flexes when driving, again potentially resulting in a blowout.

2. How big is the hole? Holes larger than 6mm or ¼ inch cannot be safely repaired. 

3. What type of puncture is it? If it’s a simple nail that went through the tread the tire plug will be an easy, inexpensive fix. But if the tire is slashed, or cut it’s possible that the cords of the tire that give it strength & stability have also been cut. The tire should be replaced if it has a sizeable gash or gut. 

4. What is the overall condition of the tire? If the tire is significantly worn with 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining or less or if the tires cords are showing, the tire must be replaced. 

Fortunately, the Professional Crew at 2nd & U, has got you covered. The friendly service advisors at Eureka Brake & Automotive will happily assess the tire damage and advise you on the best course of action to get you safely back on the road. Give them a call today at 707-443-2122 or pop on over to our appointment scheduler and book your appointment today! 

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P.S. As we head into the rainy season this is an excellent time to have your tires checked for fall & winter driving. We look forward to seeing you soon