4 Ways to Help Your Vehicle Service Go Well

Let's face it, vehicles are complex machines. Hats off to our technicians who can diagnose and repair them when things go wrong! Here are four tips to follow when you bring your vehicle in.

1.  Who knows a vehicle best? The driver. So, when your vehicle suddenly starts making unusual noises or behaving strangely, describe what you hear, smell, feel, or see as accurately as possible. We love details! Write the symptoms down to take to the service center. Go over these symptoms carefully with the service manager. Ask them to drive with you if that would help you point out a vague problem more clearly.

2.  Make sure your vehicle is T-C-E: tidy, clean and empty. The technician may have to access several areas of your vehicle to diagnose and fix the issues. If your trunk is full, for example, the technician may not be able to reach the battery that is back there. Or if there are toys piled in the passenger seat foot well, the technician may not be able to get to the components under the dash. So, keep those areas tidy and empty. 

3.  Be sure to remove personal items that you want to keep private from the glove box and other areas. 

4.  Make sure your vehicle has enough gasoline for Tech’s to test drive and for your ride home.

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Revised from content contributed by NAPA Service Assistant